About the Island


Kepayang Island , is a heavenly paradise  still out of the beaten tracks, with white sandy beaches, giant granit stones, amazing coral reefs and flourishing vegetation.

Come and join us for a unique castaway adventure!

You will spend the night in a beautiful accomodation facing the sea,  explore the nearby amazing islands on our boat, walk up the 150 years old light house of lengkuas to enjoy the beautiful view from above, snorkel in the crystal clear water of the coral reef and around the giant granite rocks, pick up the canoe to explore the surroundings of the island at  sunset, when the high tide meets the jungle and the granite stones become pink shaded , enjoy delicious fish bbqs on the beach.

You will also be able to free  baby turtles of the conservation center and plant a coral in our coral garden!

This and more you will find in Kepayang, what are you waiting for!?

Most of the visitors describe Belitung archipelago as one of the best destinations in Indonesia!


 ( If you are a diver our diving center in the island offers many diving spots such as coral reef, giant granit stones and wrecked ships, just contact us after you have booked to schedule your dive!)


 About Kepayang Conservation Center


KCC is one of the conservation projects implemented by a local NGO (KPLB Kelompok Peduli Lingkungan Belitung)  to protect the marvelous environment of Belitung  and rising the awareness of local people on its importance.

Kepayang Conservation center accounts with a diving center, a turtle sanctuary in which baby turtles are bred till they are strong enough to face the sea and a coral garden built in order to restore  the coral reef threatened by fishing activities.

The conservation center offers as well alternative livelihoods to fishermen and local people, promoting ecoturism and reducing the impact of fishing activities in this magnificent sea.

Mostly all of the incomes deriving from the ecoturism activities (like this package) are used to support the conservation center and to keep the islands and its surroundings as the hidden and peaceful paradise it is.